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fees Manager



Fee Setting
Administrator can set different fee names settings for different classes using a simple interface. Also fee amount for different fee items for different months can be set for common fee items.

Name/Class wise search
Fee amount to be paid by a student is done by searching the student. By entering student Id or class or name, the amount to be paid for a particular period is viewed.

Monthly fee items
Monthly fee items are displayed based on the monthly fee setting. For each student fee pending amount is displayed.

Terminal fee items
Terminal fee items will be displayed based on the term selection. For each student, a period of month can also be selected for collecting terminal fees

Annual fee items
Annual fee items also listed among the fee items based on the month for which those items to be collected.

Fee Receipt
Fee receipt can be printed based on the view of fee items and amount for each student. Duplicate fee receipt is also can be printed by entering Bill number. Fee items can be categorized to print different number of bills as per settings.

Daily collection report
Daily Collection report can be of different type based on the user requirement. Class Wise collection and total collection of particular fee items are also available.

Item wise collection report
Item wise collection for a period of days and monthly item wise collection are available based on user’s settings.

Dues list
Different types of dues list like student wise, class wise and item wise are available.

Dues list reports can be customized.

Fine settings
Fine setting for a student for particular fee items can be done using fine setting interface and monthly fine can be set for a payment later than a particular set date.

Deduction for a particular student can be set for particular fee item .Based on the deduction amount further dues list will be automatically modified. Deduction related reports are available for each student.

Conveyance fee/Individual fee items
Bus/Van fee collection for each student based on board point can be collected monthly or as per the administrator settings. Dues report and collection report of other individual fee items are also available based on the individual fee settings.

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